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10 Reasons Why This Women's History Month You Should Gift Light in the Shadows & The Way Home

Posted by World Trust Team on March 5, 2019

Intersectional conversations of gender and race are not new, and certainly not unique to this generation. The Way Home and Light in the Shadows are two World Trust films that dive deep into the heart of rooted experiences that elicit difficult conversations on racism, misogyny, and misogynoir.

1) Women are at the Forefront. Often times, women voices are relegated as a subsection in a larger discussion of race, justice, and the intersection of the two. Light in the Shadows & The Way Home put women's issues at the forefront. 

2) It's a Celebration.  These are celebratory films of women’s perspectives, and voices  from various communities. 

3) Ahead of it's Time. With uncommon courage, the women speak their hearts and minds about resistance, love, assimilation, standards of beauty, power, school experiences, and more. Way-Home-still-2-faces

4) Conversation Guide Provided: All of World Trust's films are rich in stories and experiences that elicit all kinds of emotions. Light in the Shadows & The Way Home are designed with conversation guides in mind to help facilitate these thought-provoking discussions.  

5) Embraces Cross-Cultural Conversations. Women of Indigenous, African, Arab/Middle Eastern, European, Jewish, Asian, Latina and Mixed Race descent, use authentic dialogue to crack open a critical door of consciousness.

6) We are Still Talking about ThemLight in the Shadows & The Way Home are classics and the quality of the films are a testament to their relevancy on addressing race, gender, power, and privilege. 

7) Asks the tough questions.  These two films seek to prepare your exploration of the following questions: 

  • How can we recognize the patterns and obstacles that cause people, who are committed to working together, to leave the table?
  • How can white people stay at the table when confronted with the pain caused by privilege?
  • How can people of color be empowered in cross-cultural relationships?

8) Made with You in Mind.  These diversity training videos are a resource for experienced facilitators and educators to support advanced conversation on race.  They are designed to foster healthy team dynamics and more productive, authentic cross-cultural relationships.

9) There's nothing like them. There have yet to be films that rival Light in the Shadows & The Way Home. These films use personal experiences and conflict as learning tools to illuminate how conversations on gender & race often break down along lines of race and power.

10)  They're Classics. If you're a fan of World Trust then you must get your hands on a copy of these films! 


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