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21 Days of Justice with World Trust

Posted by Meriam Salem on December 11, 2018

21 Days of Justice

From December 11th- January 1st 2019 World Trust will be commemorating strides in the racial justice movement by celebrating our life's work of educating, questioning, and engaging in transformative learning, structural change and healing. Throughout the years we have proven that our purpose is to drive public will through engagement, dialogue and strategic questioning. We will be revisiting the relevancy of our films in this current climate of confusion, racism, and national negligence.

In addition to our films, our work would not be possible without our incredible facilitators bringing our curriculums to life, so expect to see a few shout outs updating you on their work. Lastly, we will be highlighting books, resources, and organizations with missions that align closely to our own. Racial justice is a movement that requires collective action, while we prepare for the holidays let us also strengthen our resolve for collective justice this coming 2019. 

Excited for a trip down memory lane? Here are ways to participate

Week 1 Dec. 11 - 16 : Kick Off - Gendered Justice

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Intersectional conversations of gender and race are not new, and certainly not unique to this generation. The Way Home and Light in the Shadows are two World Trust films that dive deep into the heart of rooted experiences that illicit difficult conversations on racism, misogyny, and misogynoir.

  • Awaken the power of gendered conversations on race by getting your hands on a copy of our film and curriculum today!

  • Know a woman who inspired your deep rooted passion for change? Are you a woman inspired by your own deep rooted passion? Make a donation in their (or your own) honor to continue the conversations of gendered-based racism and healing with World Trust.

    • Also if you’re in the mood for a little more engagement, be sure to e-mail Meriam at with your story of your experience with gender-based justice to be featured on our social media pages. Subject line: My Story w/ World Trust

  • Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on powerful books written by women of color!

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Week 2 Dec. 17-23 : Making Whiteness Visible   mosaicbranding copy-1

Having a conversation about racism in the United States without discussing the systemic and interpersonal privileges of whiteness are difficult conversations to have, and especially so when there is a vehement denial of it from white colleagues, politicians, physicians, educators, and shall we go on. Luckily, World Trust has been the leading experts in facilitating conversations on race, and as you know, making whiteness visible.

  • Get your hands on a copy of Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible! The film was born out of the frustration of white guilt  preventing productive and transformative work in racial justice healing spaces. People are willing to change, and what this film does is give a clear avenue on how to do exactly that from the perspectives of social justice activists who have also had to go through the difficult transformation of confronting their own privilege.

  • A fan of organizations that do not shy away from the hard topics? If you have the privilege to do so, please consider becoming a monthly donor for World Trust!

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Week 3 Dec. 24-31st : Systems of Racism  mosaicbranding

Our two most popular and newest films, Healing Justice & Cracking the Codes are celebrated by change makers across various sectors of justice work. The films are shown in schools, hospitals, local and state governments, and have contributed to changing the dialogue around racism from solely interpersonal to explicitly institutional and systemic. Lastly, our films have done what most have struggled to do- they have healed and advance the notion that justice work is healing work.

Here are ways to participate in our 3rd week of #21DaysofJustice!

  • If you haven’t seen these films you must get your copy today! It makes a great holiday gift, especially for a friend you’re tired of explaining things to.

  • Not a monthly donor, but think of us often? Consider becoming a monthly donor for World Trust!

  • Book us for workshops! Our facilitators are the best at what they do and love doing it- mostly because they were the powerful women tackling systemic and institutional racism from the very beginning.

  • Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on books that address systemic racism and cultural ways of healing.

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Thank you for participating in our 21 Days of Justice! Looking for other ways to participate? Contact to find out how! 

With love & justice, 

The World Trust Team 


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