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Yvette & Brentwood Public Schools

Making Deep Institutional Change

10 Reasons Why This Women's History Month You Should Gift Light in the Shadows & The Way Home

World Trust in Seattle: Empathy, Privilege, and Racial Imagination

Must Read Books For The Socially Conscious

Responding to a Racist Incident

Different Identity-Based Privileges

Gems Written by Women of Color

21 Days of Justice with World Trust


The Power of Restorative Justice Circles - Healing Justice Clip

restoring interconnection to heal and prevent harm

The Tinkerbell Story revisited

Tinkerbell and Restorative Justice

Sonya Shah on "behaviors" and original harm

How to Build an Effective Discussion Group

Transformative Learning theory

On the Learning Edge: Somatics and Internal Work

How We Can Promote Healing from Trauma through Restorative Justice Circles

Replicating Violence: Intergenerational Trauma

“If I Had Caught Them A Few Years Earlier…” - Perspectives on Who Experiences Violence

the Release of “Healing Justice” and THE MEANING OF THE NAUTILUS

our current school-to-prison pipeline is a national civil rights crisis

A Way Forward: Build Coalitions to Make Change

Giving each other space to be more human

A film participant reflects on her experience, 15 years later

Healing the Cycles of Oppression

A second act: Re-Introducing our film Light in the Shadows

Blessings and Innoculation...

restorative justice circle

An Example of Restorative Justice

2ND CLIP: Structural Racism and our Children

What DOES Justice MEAN TO YOU...


Week One Film Clip for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing #YesJusticeYesPeace

Week Two Film Clip One for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing #YesJusticeYesPeace

Week Two Clip Two for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Three Clip One for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Four Clip One for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Four Clip Two for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Four Clip Three for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Five Clip One for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Five Clip Two for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

And Still We Rise

White Women, Patriarchy, and White Superiority

Week Six Clip One for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Week Six Clip Two for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Baltimore: Where Do We Step Into the Story?

5 Ways to Avoid Blame and Shame in Diversity Activities

Week Seven Clip for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

She-roes: So Many Her-stories to Celebrate

Systems Create and Maintain Inequity: the SAE Greek Example

Celebrate with Us! The Jefferson Award

Spaces of Possibility: Building Radically Open Classrooms Allows for Organic Dialogue about Race, Power, and Social justice

Neighbors Combat Racial Profiling and Build Community in Oakland, CA

Week Eight Clip for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Incarcerated Men Talk about Race in a Successful Prison Diversity Initiative

"Deep Work": How Clinicians are Engaging in an Ongoing Diversity Initiative

Meet Ericka Huggins, Racial Equity & Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Meet Dia Penning, Racial Equity & Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Self-Reflection: One White Community's Experience with "Mirrors of Privilege"

Week Nine Clip for the Summer of #JusticeandRacialHealing

Meet Amikaeyla Gaston, Racial Equity & Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Why Do "Good" White Women Fear Conversation about Race & Diversity?

Meet Tammy Johnson, Equity & Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Engaging the Tech Sector in Racial Equity & Diversity Training

World Trust Tribute to MLK: In the Name of Love

Bring Authenticity to Diversity Initiatives

A 3-Point Direct Care Response to Racist incidents from UMass Amherst

Meet Linda Handy: Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

#BlackLivesMatter? What About #AllLivesMatter?

3 Elements of a Successful Diversity Initiative in Appalachia: Community, Perspective & Story

The Anime Club Story: Unconscious Bias & Diversity Activities for Teachers

Healthcare Leaders Grappling with Race, Build Cultural Competence

6 Ways to Recruit & Retain Students of Color: Winona State's Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Being White is Okay. Ignoring Racism is Not Okay.

Thanksgiving Truth-Telling: Talking about History with Family

Diversity Video Clip: Explaining Systemic Bias in US Policing

Building Racial Equity One Conversation at a Time: An Interview with T. Marie King

One White Dad Who Can't Dismiss White Privilege

Story of Hope from Ferguson: Building Bridges Before a Racial Incident

Make the Most of Honoring MLK on Campus

5 Steps to Productive Conversation about White Privilege

Mourning the American Myth of Meritocracy in Diversity Training

Great Expectations: Race, Ethnicity, and Education

Case Study: Responding to a Racist Incident on Campus

Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip #6: Practice New Habits of Thinking

Why is Google Addressing Unconscious Bias?

Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip #5: Create a Disorienting Dilemma

5 Steps for Using “Trip to the Grocery Store” to Talk about Race

Cultural Diversity: Do White People Need Help "Assimilating"?

Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip #4: Use the Arts to Connect

Tomorrow Is Today: World Trust Gala!

Dreaming of Diversity and Inclusion

Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip #3: Creating New Stories

Diversity in the Classroom: Streaming Racial Equality Films

Addressing Unconscious Bias Tip #2: Depersonalizing Inequity

Where Are You REALLY From? and White Privilege

Addressing Unconscious Bias #1: Community Building

On White Privilege, Simply: 'Different Rules Apply'

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules now on DVD!

How Media Representation Feeds Unconscious Bias

Your Call: How Should We Talk About Racism?

Explaining Unconscious Bias: You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

Polite People Don't Talk About Race

After Silence, Dialogue: Talk About Race to Move Forward Together

'We All Breathe The Same Air': Race and Equality in Green Groups

Diversity Training Film Tip #6: Embrace What We Share

What a Trip to the Grocery Store Reveals About White Privilege

Diversity Training Film Tip #5: Provide a Frame to Address Systems

#WeStillComing: What We Miss When We Don't Talk About Race

Diversity Training Film Tip #4: Transformative Learning in an Hour?

Big Little Man: Exposing Systemic Inequity for Asian-Americans

Diversity Training Film Tip #3: Acknowledge Dominant Culture's Power

Do Millennials Really Not Understand The System of Racial Inequity?

Diversity Training Film Tip #2: Use A Critical Mass Of Stories

Diversity Training Film Pick Criterion #1: Inspire a Broad Audience

Talk About Race: A Conference Participant Reflects on the 'Third Rail'

Diversity Workshop? Let White Voices Speak About White Privilege

Transformative Learning & Diversity: Getting at Embedded Assumptions

What to Do with Your Media Budget? Invest in Diversity Workshop Films

Google & Cultural Diversity Training: A Systemic Approach is Required

Maya Angelou's Inaugural Poem: An Inclusion & Diversity Activity

Understanding White Privilege

Transracial Adoption & Silence

Joy DeGruy Clip Impacts Retail Employee

World Trust Supports "RIDE: In Living Color"

YES! Magazine Reviews Cracking the Codes

Shakti Butler, keynote speaker for Wesleyan MLK Celebration

Watch Shakti on Bay Sunday!

Cracking the Codes Launch: The System of Racial Inequity

Shakti Butler Interviewed on KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio

Shakti Butler on Racial Equity changemakers: "We must look beyond our personal feelings, but not leave them out"

Shakti Butler: Facing Race Conference provides vision, aligned action

WT Benefit Reflects Core Mission: Community Building through Dialogue about Race

Uptown Body & Fender site of next World Trust Conversation About Race on July 23rd

Oakland Tribune: Racial justice a complex concept and struggle, Oakland film argues

Mehserle Trial: We need a new way to talk about race

Join Us June 27th for "A 21st Century Conversation about Race"

The Song that Rocked WPC

World Trust Seminar a Breakthrough

Van Jones Praises Mirrors of Privilege