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Rhum's Update: TJ Comes Home!

Posted by Rhummanee Hang on May 30, 2019

World Trust recently shared a story about my family. In the latest ICE raid on Cambodian communities, the Bay Area was targeted. On March 13, 2019, my brother TJ was one of 3 Cambodian refugees from Oakland who was arrested by ICE officers for deportation. Most of the deportation orders were based on convictions that are now decades old. The last two and a half months has been a beautiful display of intergenerational mobilization and action. As a result, two Bay Area men were amongst Governor Newsom’s first pardons. I am happy to say that TJ’s deportation order has also been removed and he is back home with his family. Thank you to everyone who shared our story, signed petitions, and donated so that the impacted families were able to visit and support their detained loved ones. This
fight to keep families together is far from over.

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