World Trust

Blessings and Innoculation...

Posted by World Trust Team on July 25, 2016

This clip featuring Jerry Tello, Director of the National Compadres Network, is our final clip from our 2016 Summer of #JusticeandHealingNOW.  In it, Mr. Tello addresses the importance of culture, ritual and healing that supports his life-long social justice work.


As you watch this powerful clip, please reflect on the following:
1. What are the traditions and values of your family or community that have helped you heal? 

2. What healing do you currently need to work more effectively towards builidng a more just and equitable world?

3. What committments are you willing to make to engage in ongoing healing practices for yourself, your family and community?

For six weeks this Summer we are offering free clips from our new film (coming in 2017) that explores what is justice, really, how the national conversation of justice has been framed and systems set up that are inequitable, ineffective and perpetuate harm, and why healing is such an important component of justice.  

We hope these free film clips will move you, inspire you and spur on your conversations and work.  We can't wait to connect with you and hear what you think!