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Joy DeGruy Clip Impacts Retail Employee

Posted by Lisa Abbott on July 10, 2013

After attending the Seattle University screening of Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity students from the Diversity & Social Justice (DSJ) Committee, a student-led group from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), hosted their own screening of Cracking the Codes with their colleagues.  Twenty participants gathered together for an intimate discussion on race and inequity and shared their reactions below.

"Since I work in retail, I found it most helpful for me to hear the story in the film about the black woman having troubles with a grocery clerk (it was also backed up by one of the participants - a black woman - who said going to the grocery store has been so bad for her that she has her husband do the shopping now).  It's made me pause and think of my interactions with black customers I work with.  For a while, I had thought that a few regulars really had a chip on their shoulder and were rather abrupt and sometimes rude to me - even if I had never met them before.  Previously, I would mirror their attitude (without being rude), but now after hearing where this may be coming from I've committed to having a better attitude when it comes to customers like this.  We always talk about treating people kindly because you don't know what struggle they're going through - well, the Cracking the Codes event helped personalize that for me.  I also shared the film clips that are online with my partner since the film was so moving for me.  She attends yearly workshops focused on undoing racism, so she also appreciates learning how to move forward to create a more humane world."

Other Impressions

"Thank you to everyone who attended! Speaking for myself, I was moved by everyone's presence and voice tonight and I am looking forward to more such opportunities throughout DSJ Month."

"Thank you for the wonderful event! SO GLAD I got such profound insights and enriching conversation out of it! THANKS YOU GUYS!!! I still want more... "

"...while everybody was engaged in the film I thought, 'this is a key piece of the educational experience. This is the time where we can ask questions and better prepare ourselves to enter a diverse world better equipped with empathy and ways of dealing with conflict and seeing diversity as a way to help build the quadruple bottom line.' Also I appreciated that dean John Gardner was genuinely interested and participated in breakout conversations.  Lastly, it was just plain cool to see BGI students sharing stories and learning from each other."

Cracking the Codes is now a permanent piece of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute Library and is available for future screening and discussion events or for review by individuals.  We want to thank to 2012-2013 DSJ Committee co-chairs for bringing Cracking the Codes to their colleagues and their commitment to promoting equity.