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Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Posted by Lisa Abbott on December 30, 2014

The World Trust blog was launched in 2014. These posts were the most viewed and shared this year. Did you miss any of them?top-5-image-445x445 Here is your chance to click and read:

#1 Being White is Okay. Ignoring Racism is Not Okay.
About a dynamic that shuts down critical thinking during diversity activities and workshops -- and amid our national response to current protests against institutionalized racism. We could have titled this one "Being a Policeman is Okay. Brutalizing Black Youth is Not Okay."

#2 #BlackLivesMatter? What About #AllLivesMatter?
"All lives matter" allows people to avoid thinking and talking about racism. Strategic questioning can help people contemplate their use of the phrase and open the way for productive dialogue about racial equity.

#3 3 Elements of a Successful Diversity Initiative in Appalachia: Community, Perspective & Story
Good news out of Appalachia: A multi-institutional alliance getting real about the system of racial inequity and talking about it. Thank you Reverend Ron English.

#4 Building Racial Equity One Conversation at a Time: An Interview with T. Marie King "I haven't set out to change the world, or even to change Birmingham. I want to change one person and one circle of influence at a time." - Marie King on her work building community across the racial divide.

#5 The Anime Club Story: Unconscious Bias & Diversity Activities for Teachers
A black boy walks into a meeting of his high school's Anime Club.  Guess what happens.

What White Children Need to Know About Race

For all the diversity & inclusion professionals, educators and changemakers out there, thank you for your commitment to racial equity.  We know this has been an exceptionally difficult and challenging year. In 2015, may our collective efforts engage the higher good that is in all human beings and support the momentum for change.

A world that works for everyone is waiting for us.

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