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our current school-to-prison pipeline is a national civil rights crisis

Posted by World Trust Team on October 30, 2017

Beloved community,

incarcerated juveniles.pngThere is a growing awareness that our current school-to-prison pipeline is a national civil rights crisis.

Our U.S. history is rife with the mistreatment and exploitation of people of color and poor people in ways that result in social, economic and educational isolation.

Historical needs for cheap labor have fueled myths, stereotypes, and racist ideologies that have led to discriminatory laws, policies, practices and court rulings that continue to fuel racial violence that are reflected in our current prison justice system. 

Criminality, under the guise of public safety, has contributed to intergenerational trauma along with a continuation of structural policies and practices that generate inequity.  

young protestors.pngIt is imperative that we resist and redesign a justice system that functions as a comprehensive and well-disguised method of racial control.

The data is overwhelmingly clear - zero tolerance in schools, the presence of police, security systems, and more suspensions and expulsions do not deter, reduce, or address the deeper causes that give rise to misbehavior or crime. Tougher laws or policies do not improve academic achievement or ensure public safety.  

Understanding and interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline requires a systems change. It is imperative that we eliminate the conveyor belt that is propelling children of color and poor children into a justice system that is unfair and expensive while perpetuating human misery and disenfranchisement from a society that should be ensuring equal access for all children.

Cover of the film.pngOver the last decade, the need to address this tragedy has grown into a national movement. Our newest film, Healing Justice, is a tool to support this movement. The film and the free, downloadable conversation guide allow viewers to engage with one another and can be used as a collective touchstone to help us analyze our broken justice system and build the public will to make change. 

This film is ideal for use in a variety of sectors – education, judicial, law enforcement, philanthropy, government, and nonprofit.

By expanding our vision, addressing trauma, embracing the need for healing, and insisting on true justice, we can move towards producing healthy, viable communities that are ready to demand and make change.

We wish you well and offer this film in hopes of supporting your efforts in making the world a better place for everyone -- a place of belonging that respects our common humanity through the cultivation of love, compassion, accountability and healing!

With love for justice and healing,

Shakti Butler, Ph.D.

Founder and President, World Trust Educational Services, Inc.

Producer & Director, Healing Justice

P.S. Films will ship the end of November. We are working hard to make this film and the accompanying free downloadable conversation guide the best we can to support your work. Thank you for your patience as we put on the finishing touches!

P.P.S We premiered the film here in Oakland in September. Click here for a peek at this special night!

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