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Shakti Butler on Racial Equity changemakers: "We must look beyond our personal feelings, but not leave them out"

Posted by Lisa Abbott on March 24, 2011

"To create effective strategies for change, we must be able to analyze the external manifestations of racism -- policy, laws and the structural relationship between institutions, " says Shakti Butler, executive director of World Trust, "yet we can't leave out the role of personal feelings and the internal components of the system of racialization.  To be effective changemakers, we have to include both."




Shakti Butler uses framing, film and dialogue to support organizations' efforts to create equity.

NatureBridge recently offered a staff seminar with Dr. Butler to help catalyze their efforts to engage youth of color in our national parks.  "Dr. Butler has a way of educating her audience that is powerful, engaging, and even enchanting. She asks people to think critically but to forgive and to confront confidently. She encourages shifts in paradigms without judgment, rather with intellectual and emotional awareness," said Anne Burnett, Director of Programs, "We learned that building social justice within our industry requires critical and consistent analysis of a system rather than isolated cogs in the wheel of diversity initiatives. A very powerful experience with my colleagues."

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