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Celebrate with Us! The Jefferson Award

Posted by World Trust Team on March 17, 2015

Celebrate with us!  Our founder, Shakti Butler was recently honored with a Jefferson Award and featured on a newcast by Bay Area CBS station KPIX.  The Jefferson Award is awarded to someone who has made a deep impact in their local community and beyond.  The award celebrates Shakti's years of service as a filmmaker, educator and speaker.

Shakti and World Trust's dynamic facilitators are sought out because of how we approach diversity and inclusion work. Our workshops are truly unique and customized to each setting and community. We are successful at:

  • Engaging in authentic dialogue
  • Easing discussions of race and workplace diversity through focus on film, story and conversation
  • Addressing the complex system of inequity and how it is shaped by history, culture, and economics
  • Providing a framework for discussion to prevent engaging in blaming or shaming

World Trust is a nonprofit that uses film and dialogue to provide a catalyst for racial equity and social change. To learn more about our diversity workshops and films, contact World Trust.

Download "5 Hallmarks of Effective Diversity & Inclusion Events" by Shakti Butler, PhD

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