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2ND CLIP: Structural Racism and our Children

Posted by World Trust Team on June 27, 2016

If we are to have a better world, we must take care of our children and understand the systems they are being raised in.

As you watch our second clip from our series, the Summer of #JusticeandHealing, ask yourself these questions:
What are the financial, human and community costs of the current judicial system?
Why do we think incarceration is the way to create safety - and safety for whom?
How do perceptions, fear of the "other" and the collateral consequences of poverty inform our current limited options for "justice"?
How can you be a voice for youth?

This clip featuring James Bell, Director of the W. Haywoord Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice and Fairness is from our 2016 Summer of #JusticeandHealingNOW.  

For six weeks this Summer we are offering free clips from our new film (coming in 2017) that explores what is justice, really, how the national conversation of justice has been framed and systems set up that are inequitable, ineffective and perpetuate harm, and why healing is such an important component of justice.  

We hope these free film clips will move you, inspire you and spur on your conversations and work.  We can't wait to connect with you and hear what you think!
Towards Justice and Healing, with love,
The World Trust Team