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Meet Linda Handy: Diversity Workshop Facilitator

Posted by Lisa Abbott on January 6, 2015

World Trust is delighted to have several new diversity workshop facilitators on board. In order to introduce them to our community and let you get to know them a bit better, we'll be featuring profiles of each of them on our blog.

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Healthcare Leaders Grappling with Race, Build Cultural Competence

Posted by Lisa Abbott on December 9, 2014

How can healthcare leaders, many of them white, work more effectively and inclusively with staff of color and the multicultural communities they serve? Surabhi Kukke, Health Program Consultant for the organization Futures Without Violence (FWV), reports the success of a World Trust cultural diversity workshop Shakti Butler led for participants in one of FWV's programs.

World Trust seminars and workshops are an excellent way for institutions to engage leaders and employees in diversity and equity challenges. More than that, they are an educational tool that can improve communication and build relationships so that conversations about race can occur without the defensiveness and guilt that people often experience when they confront the role they play in systemic inequity.

Learning How to Forge Authentic Connections

Kukke is working with Project Connect, a grant-funded initiative that gives public health agencies training to help them care for women who are victims of domesti

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