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10 Reasons Why This Women's History Month You Should Gift Light in the Shadows & The Way Home

Posted by World Trust Team on March 5, 2019

Intersectional conversations of gender and race are not new, and certainly not unique to this generation. The Way Home and Light in the Shadows are two World Trust films that dive deep into the heart of rooted experiences that elicit difficult conversations on racism, misogyny, and misogynoir.

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21 Days of Justice with World Trust

Posted by Meriam Salem on December 11, 2018
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Celebrate with Us! The Jefferson Award

Posted by World Trust Team on March 17, 2015

Celebrate with us!  Our founder, Shakti Butler was recently honored with a Jefferson Award and featured on a newcast by Bay Area CBS station KPIX.  
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Being White is Okay. Ignoring Racism is Not Okay.

Posted by Lisa Abbott on December 2, 2014

The Reindeer Analogy
As we approach the Christmas season in the USA, this meme has been showing up in our social media feeds:

Being an atheist is okay.

Being an atheist and shaming religions and spirituality as silly and not real is not okay.

Being a Christian is okay.

Being homophobic, misogynistic, racist ... in the name of Christianity is not okay.

Being a reindeer is okay.

Bullying and excluding another reindeer because he has a shiny red nose is not okay.

A pattern that shuts down communication.
These words poke fun at the way people can feel personally attacked when, in fact, it is their behavior that is being critiqued.  All kidding aside, this defense mechanism is a problem.  If you believe that someone is disrespecting your character or identity, you may feel you have carte blanche to disengage and disregard that person. This shuts down conversation and critical thinking. It deepen

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Make the Most of Honoring MLK on Campus

Posted by Lisa Abbott on November 11, 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a time not only to engage students but also to forward an institution's goals of equity and diversity. In the words of World Trust founder, Shakti Butler, the annual event creates an opportunity for us to explore "how we need to work on ourselves individually and collectively to meet the standards and the goals that we admire."

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Case Study: Responding to a Racist Incident on Campus

Posted by Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong on October 28, 2014

 responding_to_incidentRacist incident becomes catalyst for faculty engagement
San Jose State University made national headlines in the fall of 2013 – but it wasn’t for excellence in sports or a prestigious research achievement. Under an intense amount of national scrutiny, the university was scrambling to respond to a racial incident on campus. Three students in a dorm on campus taunted their African-American roommate: beginning with racial slurs, and escalating to a simulated lynching with a bike lock around his neck.

Hyon Chu Yi-Baker is the head of the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center at San Jose State University. She saw that this time of heightened attention to racial inequity could be a catalyst for engaging faculty and staff in the sort of diversity training she had long hoped to offer.

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Talk About Race: A Conference Participant Reflects on the 'Third Rail'

Posted by Adwoa Gyimah-Brempong on July 8, 2014

Chicago-based journalist and writer Robert Koehler recently attended a presentation of Cracking the Codes. Hear a bit of his experience with the powerful clip above, in his own words:

Author Joy DeGruy tells her story in a remarkable documentary called Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality, produced and directed by Shakti Butler, who is the founder of World Trust, an organization committed to breaking through the shame, secrecy and dishonesty that American culture is trapped in regarding both its racial history and present-day practices. [T]he film [...] dug relentlessly at the structural and institutional racism of our society for the purpose of getting people to talk about it.

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Transformative Learning & Diversity: Getting at Embedded Assumptions

Posted by Lisa Abbott on June 17, 2014

Transformative Learning asks adult learners to engage in critical reflection on their experiences, which in turn leads to a perspective transformation  -- the transformation of specific beliefs, attitudes, and emotional reactions.  In the context of cultural diversity & inclusion education, what kind of “perspective transformation” are we trying to achieve?

One goal is to shift dominant cultural assumptions about the way society works. The perception of the United States as a place where “all men are created [and treated] equal”  is largely a reflection of the white experience and is reinforced by media, education and other institutions.  For example, a white person who diligently applies for jobs and lands one, might assume that people of color who put forth the same effort will also find employment.  If a white person abides by laws and has never been stopped by police, they might assume that people of color who are stopped by police are being pulled over "for good reason."

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Google & Cultural Diversity Training: A Systemic Approach is Required

Posted by Lisa Abbott on June 3, 2014

Google recently released statistics on the race demographics of its workforce. From a diversity perspective, there were no real surprises. In Google’s leadership, men account for 79 percent and whites hold 72 percent of the jobs. Hispanics had 1 percent of the positions while blacks had 2 percent of these jobs. 

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Join Us June 27th for "A 21st Century Conversation about Race"

Posted by Lisa Abbott on May 19, 2010

Help us complete our current project! On Sunday, June 27th, World Trust will hold the benefit event Cracking the Codes: A 21st Century Conversation about Race in Oakland, CA.  Using preview clips of the World Trust's latest film in production as a catalyst, Shakti Butler, PhD will facilitate a conversation about the internal and external components of racism.  Confused or frustrated by racial divide? Come find out how Oakland nonprofit World Trust is working to re-frame the national conversation  -- and participate in it yourself.  It will be an afternoon of dialogue, community building, and insight for positive change.  Register now or buy a ticket at the door.

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