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She-roes: So Many Her-stories to Celebrate

Posted by World Trust Team on March 31, 2015

At World Trust we celebrate she-ros, such as the everyday she-ros featured in our film, The Way Home: Women Talk About Race in America.  In celebration of March being Women's Her-story Month, each of our staff picked one of their own she-ros to share with you. Read on for some deep inspiration:

ellabakerFounder, Shakti Butler's she-ro: Ella Baker

Ella Baker is one of my She-roes. She was tireless in her resistance to injustice and fearless in terms of putting her life on the line for what she believed.  As an organizer, Baker was a staunch believer in helping ordinary people to work together and lead themselves, and she objected to centralized authority. In her worldview, “strong people don’t need strong leaders.”  Her words live on in “Ella’s Song,” sung by Sweet Honey in the Rock: “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.”

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