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“If I Had Caught Them A Few Years Earlier…” - Perspectives on Who Experiences Violence

Posted by World Trust Team on October 31, 2017

"This notion of good guys and bad guys is really false. Every single one of my clients has had an incredibly traumatic past, and if I had caught them a few years earlier, if I had been engaged in their life a few years earlier, they would have been on the victim side instead of the offender side."

– Sujatha Baliga, Director of the Restorative Justice Project at Impact Justice and Healing Justice documentary participant

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the Release of “Healing Justice” and THE MEANING OF THE NAUTILUS

Posted by World Trust Team on October 30, 2017

Healing Justice, our most recent documentary, supports the engagement necessary for the work of addressing and healing the racism embedded in our current justice system. The development of new narratives provides understanding of structural oppression while also sparking the public will necessary to change it. 

Take a look at the image on the cover of Healing Justice.  Recessed in the back of the cell, past the bent bars, is a blue glowing nautilus shell.  

We chose the nautilus shell because it is a powerful image of growth and expansion as seen in nature. Its growth is predictable, yet as it expands into more and more space, it symbolizes the freedom to change, build and grow.

The nautilus is meant to inspire and remind us that our movements can begin from a place of small concentrated energy and grow into a more just realityTake inspiration from the nautilus that, little by little, we can build together and unfold into a new shape.

Also, please consider reading the “Meditation on the Spirals of the Nautilus” for further inspiration.

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Posted by World Trust Team on June 16, 2016

Last Summer, we offered
a series of free film clips  about racism and its impact on our society.  To this day we hear how deeply the clips supported meaningful and nuanced conversations. 

To continue to support your conversations, today we launch the Summer of #JusticeandHealingNOW! In the coming weeks we'll be offering free film clips on JUSTICE and HEALING, right to your inbox each week

The clips are from our upcoming film (coming in 2017) and explore:

  • How do you define the meaning of justice?

  • Why is addressing trauma such an important component of justice? 

  • How do our current structures create disproportionate outcomes for people, young people in particular of color as well as the poor and disenfranchised?

  • Why and how do our current structures need to be changed if we want to ensure that children are treated well?

The world is crying out for healing - healing of inequitable actions and of unfair, unjust systems.  And, equally important, the world is crying out for the deep internal healingthat allows us to more effectively come together to educate, organize and work towards a world that works for everyone.  In community we can heal, support and renew while sharing the analytical tools and facts that allow us to be effective.

At World Trust, for the last 20 plus years, we've found our films to be effective pathways to building community and capacities for working towards racial equity. Watching films and clips allows individuals to simultaneously self-reflect and learn while offering a common touchstone for conversations with others to discuss our deepest needs, hopes and strategies for creating a more just world.  

This summer we hope these film clips from our upcoming film will move, inspire, and invite you to engage in conversations with others - family members, friends, colleagues and community members. Feel free to share the clips as widely as you wish. We also will be #ConnectingGoodWork by featuring some like-minded organizations that work for an end to cycles of pain and suffering via our Facebook page. We can't wait to connect with you in the coming weeks! 

Towards Justice and Healing NOW, with love,
The World Trust Team
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