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World Trust Supports "RIDE: In Living Color"

Posted by Lisa Abbott on June 13, 2013

RIDE: In Living Color



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World Trust is proud to support the completion of RIDE: In Living Color, a ground-breaking documentary focused on the stories of African American cyclists that are intricately intertwined within diverse communities in California and beyond.
In this film, the activity of cycling, as well as the use of the bike and its incredible benefits, will be introduced and narrated by its creator and film director, Yolanda Davis-Overstreet.  Yolanda will tell her stirring, true-life story shedding more light on the captivating power of cycling in urban American communities.  She will also take us into her world of cycling, describing in moving detail her adventurous tours, including her AIDS ride at 35 years old (a nearly 400 mile ride over seven days, starting in San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles); numerous century-rides (100 miles) well into her 40s; and her inspirations, friendships, and community partnerships developed over the years from participating in the sport.
You'll hear and see the many faces of bike riders and learn about their intriguing stories on how riding a bike plays a vital role in their lives from being a competitive racer to forming a bike group to feeding the homeless.  Olympic medalists Nelson Vails and Giddeon Massie to city officials share their personal views and experiences, as well as medical professionals, grassroots community bike shop owners and noted historian Andrew Ritchie, authoer of the highly regarded biography on the first African American competitive cyclist name Major Taylor.
The RIDE: In Living Color film will resonate with a fusion of cycling and biking perspectives and lifestyles as it relates to the urban American experience. It will organically tap into how riding a bike is integrated into the bigger picture of the economy, transportation, and the wellness of the human race, community and the world.
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